Emotions in Motion has had a revamp and is now available in ebook form.

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Also by Rose Stanley, these two books are published by Duck Creek Press.

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Emotions in Motion . . .

Everybody experiences all sorts or emotions at different times and in different situations.  

Emotions in Motion encourages children to identify their own emotions and to be able to express and understand them. 

This is a book for every parent, grandparent, teacher or support person who wants to nurture a child in their life. 


A Hot Cup of Chocolate . . .

Johan thinks that most problems can be solved by having a ‘magical’ cup of hot chocolate.  

He has a happy home, which he shares with Mum, Dad and his little sister Lani.  But Johan’s friend Henry

has a lot going on in his life and Johan finds out that being a supportive friend requires plenty

of cups of hot chocolate and a whole lot more. 


Tilly's Big Problem . . .

When Tilly’s problem gets too much for her she confides in her friend Ned, who is pretty great at helping her with the tricky stuff.

But this time, even Ned can’t come up with a solution.  However, he does have a great idea to help her find someone to talk to.